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Rolling Korea Language School was founded in 2012 to teach Korean to foreigners. Since then, we have developed unique educational contents and activities to provide the best experience for our students. Our program ensures that there is equal focus on professional language education, but also on hands-on cultural experience so that our students can make the most of their time in Korea.

Compared to other Korean language schools, our curriculum heavily weighs on practical Korean learning experience. In our point of view, learning a language just from a textbook is not enough. We believe that the fastest way to master a language is to get a lot of practice with proper feedback. Our afternoon social programs and activities will offer the perfect opportunities for you to speak Korean in positive, friendly environment.

Our one and only goal is to make your Korean fluent. With our comfortable facility, friendly staffs, and professional instructors, we here at Rolling Korea Korean Language School guarantee you a successful learning experience.

Over the last seven years, many students from all over the world came to Rolling Korea to learn Korean. Because of your continuous support, we are where we are and you are the reason we can move forward. We will stay humble, not forgetting how it all started, and focus on your successful Korean language learning experience.

Thank you.

Why choose Rolling Korea

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Professional teachers and instructors

Our Korean class teachers and K-pop dance, vocal instructors are professional. Korean class teachers are passionate and have know-hows to learn Korean fast and easy. K-pop vocal and dance instructors are enthusiastic to teach foreigners a K-pop and beginner friendly.

Dynamic Korean Learning Programs & Acvities

Learning Korean continues even after the class. Practice Korean on your friends and natives while experiencing Korean culture and customs through exciting social programs and activities. Rolling Korea provides variety social programs so that students can maximize their time value.

Safe and sound environment

Rolling Korea does our best to provide an optimal Korean language learning atmosphere. School and designated share houses are designed and fully furnished for students’ comfort. If you have no particular schedule after the class, you can self-study in the lounge.

Friendly and caring staff

We know how people feel when visiting a new country. With us, you’ll get comfortable in no time. On the first day of school, we give you a short tour around the school to show you where to take public transports, shop daily goods, and numbers of interesting sites.

Key difference

Unique Curriculum for students

In the morning, you take comprehensive and practical Regular Korean Course, and an advanced Korean lesson in the afternoon. Through Intensive Korean Course, you learn rich Korean vocabulary and expressions. Practice your Korean in afternoon programs and activities.

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First Comer Package is for those who come to Korea for the first time, and for guardians worrying about their daughters’ safety. It includes a Korean Course, Rolling Korea designated share house accommodation(ROKO House), airport pick-up and general service.

Rolling Korea

Korean Language Culture Academy

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our history in education

2012 - Present

Step by Step Korean Classes

Jae and Junmi found Rolling Korea to help foreigners to learn Korean fast and fun. We always try to deliver just more than an academy. That’s why we provide Korean class + variety types of activities to students.


Year Rolling Korea was Found

We started our academy by subletting from an English Institution due the lack of money. After 1 year of struggle we moved to Seogyodong and finally had Rolling Korea’s own place.


Foreign Medias

Rolling Korea delivers Korean classes along with K-POP dance & vocals.
Due to these classes foreign medias reported about us because we were the first one who provided this kind of curriculum to K-POP fans


Special Thanks to Our Students

With honest reviews, Rolling Korean could grow fast and expanded to new facility. Without students we could not grow. We really want to say thank you to those who contributed to our success. Now with the new facility, Rolling Korea is providing dynamic learning contents to our new students.



Korean Language School License was issued.


Broadcasted in KBS TV program, “열정시대”


『Hong-Kong U magazine』about our K-POP Korean Dance & Vocal classes.


VisitSeoul (the official site owned by the Korean Government) recommends us.


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