The History of K-pop Stars

In 2012 Psy’s Gangnam Style unexpectedly became a global hit. Who hasn’t heard of this song that made headlines worldwide and created many big flash mobs? And if you somehow managed to not have heard of Psy, you would have heard of BTS or at least listened to one of their most popular songs, even […]

History of Korean Dramas

Korean drama walked the same path as the movies – censorship didn’t lift until 1996. However, there are still strict rules regarding what can be displayed on Korean TV. As probably everyone who has watched Korean TV music shows before has noticed is that idols always cover their tattoos with tape. There are also strict […]

History of Korean Movies

After the Japanese colonial rule, where the making of Korean movies was prohibited, the Korean film industry was off to a slow start. The Korean film industry was not up to date with the newest technology, and the supply of celluloid film was low. Two movies that represent this era of Korean movies are Choi […]

The Korean Wave (Hallyu)

Since BTS became popular in the international music world, K-Pop became a well-known term. But not only Korean popular music is in demand worldwide. Everything Korean is becoming more and more popular, may it be K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Food, or K-Beauty. In this blog, we will give a short overview of the phenomenon that’s called Hallyu […]

What to do in Seoul, South Korea

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Seoul is a lively city with so many things to do and see. From its ancient history and architecture to the modern skyscrapers and design, there are a variety of different destinations to explore. You can learn about the history of Seoul through the palaces and museums scattered throughout the city and you can explore […]

Preparing to Come to Korea

Preparing for a trip can be one of the most important and stressful parts of travel. When you are going to a foreign country, there is even more preparation. Because of the situation with COVID-19, there are some things you have to do before you board the airplane. Preparing will make your travel experience and […]