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How to choose a Korean language school

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by Lisa

Hello! This is your guide for studying abroad at Rolling Korea. What is your biggest goal, in terms of studying abroad? Do you want to meet a lot of Korean people and experience Korean Culture? Above all, the most important thing should be learning the Korean language well, and studying to the same level as any Korean Student. In order to study successfully in Korea, there is no decision more important to make than which school you should study at. So, today I would like to give you my guidelines for finding the best Korean language school.

1. Facilities

The first thing that you should consider when choosing a school, is the facilities. Besides taking classes, meeting friends, going out to restaurants, studying or spending time at home, your school will be the place in which you spend the most amount of time. Therefor school facilities are an important factor to consider, especially with regards to your individual preferences and living plans. You should aim to find a school that really focuses on helping students during classes and allows them to study in a clean and pleasant environment. The students should enjoy going to school every day and have convenient access to all facilities so as to interact with other students and progress according to their own learning routines.

2. Classes

The most important factor of any language school is the classes. Each school is different in regards to which textbooks and other learning materials that they use, their curriculum and which specific aspects of language learning that they choose to focus on. You should determine what would be the best fit for you, be it a grammar-focused class, a speaking-focused class, or a curriculum that encompasses it all. See how many students will be in a class and what the teacher’s guidance will be like. *If you are a student who is preparing for TOPIK, then it is important to consider whether or not there is a course that could prepare you to take the tests.*
Another important thing to think about is how much time you will be able to spend in class compared to the time you will spend experiencing Korean lifestyle. You should compare class times to see how intensive the course may be and how much progress you will be able to make. It would also be helpful to take a look at how classes are conducted by going through any reviews left by previous students.

3. Social activity programs

Do you have an ideal dream for what your time studying in Korea will be like? Sitting down, working hard and taking classes is obviously very important. But it is equally as important to have the opportunities to actually use all of the Korean that you learn by going out with classmates, speaking with native Koreans and getting a taste of Korean Culture and general life in Korea. Private language schools usually offer a variety of social programs alongside classes, such as language exchange with native Koreans, Korean cooking classes and city tours. Through these social programs you can have fun with your classmates and get closer to them, allowing you to better enjoy your life at school which will ultimately help in your learning of the Korean language.

4. Classmates

The students that you study with and spend class time together with are the primary factor in creating your study environment. If you really want to learn Korean, you should communicate with your fellow students in Korean only. But depending on your personal preference and learning style, you may find that a more stable environment in which you can speak in your native language, if you choose to, would be more comfortable and beneficial for your time studying abroad. It’s a good idea to find out what the ratio of nationalities within the school is like by looking at pictures from activities or on the school’s webpage. In schools such as Rolling Korea, where students of various nationalities come from all over the world, (Japan, America, Europe etc) you can make friends from different countries, the same country as you, and even Korean friends with whom you can participate in school activities and make you time in Korea even more special.

5. Teachers and Staff

If you have a good teacher, then you will have a good class. A good teacher creates a good atmosphere and environment within which to study. Your teacher won’t only teach your class, but they play an important role in making your time in Korea more beneficial, by providing you with detailed information and answering any questions that you may have. It would also be good if Staff members who have a mutual language to the students, e.g English or Japanese, could be available to support students during school hours and their lives outside of school if the students were to suddenly have questions or need help. Look at the reviews left by previous students to see how attentive and informative the teachers are and well the staff care for the students. You can also see if the staff and students are able to form close and friendly relationships by looking on various SNS.

6. Student support services

In addition to taking classes, it would be a good idea to find out what other services the school will provide to ensure a safe and comfortable stay as you study abroad. Students coming to Korea for the first time will need various kinds of support, such as getting information or accompaniment to the hospital. Students who want to get a job while they are in Korea will need assistance in gathering the correct documents and writing resumes. If the school were able to support students through such circumstances it would be a great relief as the students would not need to fear being alone in a foreign country.

7. Costs

Studying abroad is obviously going to be expensive. You should find a language school that is of high standards but also within your budget. It is extremely important to determine both the quality and quantity of the classes and find a school that best fits you, while also considering what other services the school provides. Set yourself a budget and compare class cost with the cost of general living and any other activities you may want to do while in Korea. Simply looking for affordable academies will not guarantee a worthwhile experience studying abroad. Don’t forget to find a school that can provide everything you need for 100% satisfaction with how your time is spent during your stay.

8. Accommodation package

It is important to find somewhere comfortable, affordable and safe to stay while you are in Korea, especially if you will stay longer than 1 week. If it is your first time coming to Korea, then it is even more important. Your school should be able to provide top quality classes as well as other student services, not only will this save time and money but guarantee the safety of the student. Look into schools that offer accommodation alongside classes at an affordable price. Take the time to explore all accommodation related services provided by the school and make the best choice for you, to ensure a safe and pleasant time studying abroad.
So, what do you think? What you take from each of these points may vary depending on the specific purpose of your study abroad trip. Do you have the motivation to study in Korea, or any plans you wish to fulfill in Korea? Compare the curriculum and extra services provided by each Korean language school and find the facility that is perfect for you. Keep in mind these 8 points to ensure a successful trip studying abroad and remember to consider whether or not the curriculum is focused on lectures, if the school provides social programs to allow you to interact with other students, and of course, if the course is affordable. Hopefully this information was helpful for you! Fighting!
We wish you have a successful Korean language learning experience in South Korea!