Evening Speaking Korean language Course

It is for those who want to learn Korean language after school or work. Experienced professional instructors teach Korean fast and easy. In this course, you take listening, reading, and writing with a focus on speaking to build strong Korean language foundation and move on to advanced level. We aim compact class size to make sure every student could have enough feedback time and feel comfortable before move on to the next chapter.

Lesson hours can be adjusted if there are less than or equal to two students in a class.
Social programs and activities are not included.

Course Length

1 week ~ 52 weeks
10:00a.m. ~ 13:00p.m.


Beginners to advanced Learn fast & fun​

Text Book

Seo Gang Univ. Text book
Speaking Oriented

Class Hours

2 sessions / week

Class Size

3~8 people ( max 12 )


Not provided

How long does it take?

Progress Bar

* Class speed will be adjusted accordingly

1A & 1B : 4 month each
2A & 2B : 4 months each
Low Intermediate
3A & 3B : 8 months each
High Intermediate
4A & 4B : 12 months each

Key Elements of This Course

comprehensive korean language


The course includes: speaking, listening, reading and writing along with grammars and vocabulary. Build strong basics and become confident in using the Korean language.​

practical korean language


This course teaches practical Korean expressions that are useful in real-life situations. Learn to ask and answer questions that are suitable for daily life in Korea, it will make your study so exciting.

systematic korean language


We use visual aids and games to teach complex parts of the lesson for better understanding. Students can understand difficult grammars easily and remember longer.

small size korean language class

Small Size Class

We aim compact class because we care about your progress. Consistent feedback from teachers and enough answering time for your questions would make you feel comfortable.​

Expected Results From This Course

Gain confidence in the use of Korean

Improve your pronunciation and fluency

Enhance your overall Korean skills

Speaking, writing, reading and listening

Understand language and culture

Learn beyond the language