Evening TOPIK Course

TOPIK is an official Korean language proficiency test for foreigners. It is used for Korean university admission, getting a job in Korea, medical practice, Korean language teaching qualification test, a certificate, to become a Korea citizen and marriage visa.

The course runs for two hours every Wednesday and Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. We have helped dozens of students to enroll universities successfully. Different from others, TOPIK Course requires your utmost dedication.

Lesson hours can be adjusted if there are less than or equal to two students in a class.
Social programs and activities are not included.

Course Length

4 week ~ 52 weeks
20:00a.m. ~ 22:00p.m.

Class Size

3~8 people ( max 12 )

Text Book


Class Hours

2 session / week
2 hours / session


Beginners to advanced


Not provided

How long does it take?

Progress Bar

* Class speed will be adjusted accordingly

Level 1 ~ Level 2
Level 3
Level 4 ~ Level 5
Level 6

Expected Results From this course

Gain confidence in the use of Korean

Improve your pronunciation and fluency

Enhance your overall Korean skills

Speaking, writing, reading and listening

Understand language and culture

Learn beyond the language