Interest in Korean culture and language could have derived from all kinds of sources, but if K-POP sparked your interest and passion, look no further than Rolling Korea’s Korean and K-POP Course.

This course includes a Regular Korean Course in the mornings (Regular) and 1 K-POP Dance and 1 Vocal lesson each week in the afternoons.
With professional and experienced vocal and dance instructors guiding you step by step, why only learn Korean, when you can learn to sing and dance too?

* Please be informed that K-POP classes may be in time conflict with some afternoon social programs.
*Lesson hours can be adjusted if there are less than or equal to two students in a class.

Course Length

1 week ~ 52 weeks
4 days per week

Class Hours

Korean : 16 hours (3 activity hours incl.) / week
Vocal : 2 hours / week
Dance : 2 hours / week

Text Book

Seo Gang Univ. Text book
and handouts

Class Size

3 ~ 8 people(max 15)


Beginner to Advanced


Provided, depending on grades​




*Learning speed can be adjusted accordingly.

If you want to learn Korean from the alphabet, we recommend you begin the course in the first week of every month.
1A & 1B : Is able to introduce oneself and use simple sentences to express requests, willingness, and gratitude.
2A & 2B : Is able to use a mixture of both informal and honorific language and have short daily conversations.
Low Intermediate
3A & 3B : Is able to understand and use expressions that are used in public facilities and in building relationships.
High Intermediate
4A & 4B : Is able to understand simple newspaper articles/news and can enjoy Korean movies with Korean subtitles.
Low Advanced
5A & 5B : Can freely express oneself in debates on current affairs using own thoughts; equivalent to TOPIK Level 5-6.
High Advanced 83%
6A & 6B : Can produce academic writing; has the language proficiency to communicate freely in professional fields.
Master 100%


Regular Korean Course instructor and students are taking selfie


The course incorporates all four essential elements of language and enables students to have a good command of the basic Korean grammar and expressions.
A group of students celebrating to win Korean quiz


This course teaches practical Korean expressions that are useful in real-life situations. Learn to ask and answer questions that are suitable for daily life in Korea.
Regular Korean Course students are learning Korean in the classroom


Different learning tools, such as visual aids and games, are integrated into daily learning for better understanding and to help students remember well.
Students are crossing river over stepping stones


Compact 13 hours class per week with 2~3 hours of social activity, gives the right balance of learning and playing to reduce stress while learning a new language.


Korean and K-POP Course students are learning how to dace K-POP from professional choreographer

K-POP Dance Lesson

  • Two hours a week, taught by a professional choreographer.
  • Learn trendy K-POP choreography every month.
  • Beginner friendly, easy to follow step-by-step instruction.
  • Videotape your dance at the end of the course to see the progress.
Korean and K-POP Course students are learning how to sing K-POP from professional vocal instructor

K-POP Vocal Lesson

  • Two hours a week, taught by a professional vocal instructor.
  • Pronunciation training and strengthen vocal muscles.
  • Beginner friendly, easy to follow step-by-step instruction.
  • Record your singing at the end of the course and see the progress.


Sing and dance K-POP like a pro

Live in the moment! Sing K-POP in perfect pronunciation and dance like idols you love. Record yourself taking the K-POP classes and witness the enormous progress you have made.

Enhance overall Korean skills

You will strengthen all aspects of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The longer you learn about Korean, the more you will find the beauty of the Korean language.

Understand language and culture

Language and culture are inseparable. Afternoon Social Programs will push you to dive into Korean culture. From old Korean tradition to new activities, discover Korea before your eyes.