Private Korean Course is for those who want to learn Korean, K-POP dance, and K-POP vocal according to their schedule. You can choose when to take the lessons, what to learn, and how long to take the course.

On the first day of the Private Korean Course, you will proceed with a Korean level test. Through the course, you take speaking-focused, comprehensive Korean language classes that incorporate listening, reading, and writing. You can choose a specific topic (e.g., Korean business expressions, K-drama script) to learn. Experienced and knowledgeable tutors guide you to be fluent.

For Private K-POP Course, you can choose the songs that you want to learn the choreography and lyrics. We have a classroom with a side wall covered with mirrors, perfect for practicing. Experienced professional vocal instructors and dancers teach you step-by-step.

* Social activities and programs are not included.

Course Length


Class Hours

Minimum 2 hours per session

Text Book

Student can choose

Class Size



Beginner to Advanced


Not provided


Students are learning Korean in the Intensive Korean Class


If you are currently working in Korea and would like to learn about Business expression, this is the course we would recommend. Learn basic manners as well to get acquainted better.
Students are having a good time at beer festival after Private Korean Course


Learn simple expressions to make your travel more fun and safe. We teach travel related expressions so that students can understand at least a little bit.
Regular Korean Course students are learning Korean in the classroom

Free Topic

Student can choose the topic to study. It’s 100% up to the students and schedule is also flexible for most of our private classes. Let us know what you want, we will make it happen.
Students are learning how to dace K-POP from professional choreographer

Private K-POP Dance

If you want to learn a specific K-POP dance, you can consult our course coordinator, or you can learn the recommended songs from our professional instructors.
Students are learning how to sing K-POP from professional vocal instructor

Private K-POP Vocal

Professional vocal instructors teach you how to sing your favorite K-POP properly. Through the lesson, you will strengthen vocal cord muscles for better performance.
Students are taking selfie with the instructor while learning Korean in the class

K-POP & Drama

Learn poetic Korean expressions from your favorite K-POP music. You can study using the K-drama scripts as well. These ways of learning are loved by K-POP & drama fans.