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Live Korea course is a virtual study program that you can experience studying in Korea online from anywhere in the world. Without time, cost, or location constraints, you can study abroad online, right away!

Live Korean classes

Level up your Korean ability while taking Korean classes from our Rolling teachers.

Unlimited reviews

Review your live classes as much as you want until your membership expires!

Online activities

Online activity videos for a better understanding of Korean culture while learning Korean words and expressions!

Live Korean classes

With our curriculum that focuses on building a strong foundation of the Korean language from beginner to advanced level, anyone can grow confident to speak the Korean language.

Qualified Korean teachers

Experienced native teachers give you instruction step by step for your clear understandings.

Twice a week

Immerse yourself in the charm of the Korean language through everyday Korean lessons that anyone can enjoy casually.

Daily vocabs and expressions

Learn everyday Korean expressions via activity videos.

Language and culture

Global class

Live Korean classes are taught by skilled teachers in a virtual classroom, with other students from all across the world. Students can listen and talk just as they do in a regular classroom, and teachers actively respond to students and teach in real-time.

Easy access

There is no need to worry if you didn’t bring your laptop or tablet with you, as Google Meet works perfectly on iOS and Android phones! On PC or Mac, a simple link click will take you to the class. On Android or iOS, you will join the class shortly after downloading the Google Meet application store.
Q. What if a student fails to attend because of tech issues, e.g. internet connection, etc?
Don’t worry! You can contact our director of studies immediately so that they can assign a different lesson for you or discuss all other possibilities with you.

Recorded video

In case you miss a live class, we provide recorded videos on the website. Even if you are away from your home and don’t have time to join our live class, you can follow your class. By providing an archive to our students, they can review what they have learned during the class and prepare for the next one!

If any of our time schedules do not fit your timeline, then you can take the recorded videos for your convenience.

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Six Months

Virtual Study Abroad
$ 19.99 per week
  • Total $479.99 for 24 weeks
  • Two free weeks
  • Two live Korean classes per week
  • Free class materials
  • Unlimited review
  • Activity videos

Three Months

Virtual Study Abroad
$ 29.99 per week
  • Total $359.99 for 12 weeks
  • Two free weeks
  • Two live Korean classes per week
  • Free class materials
  • Unlimited review
  • Activity videos

One Month

Virtual Study Abroad
$ 39.99 per week
  • Total $159.99 for 4 weeks
  • Two free weeks
  • Two live Korean classes per week
  • Free class materials
  • Activity videos

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