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Experience RK’s Korean Course virtually. This course aims to build a strong foundation of Korean language for beginners and help develop student competence in the language for intermediate and advanced levels. Your confidence will improve as we train you in all four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Course summary

With the RK Virtual Korean Course, you may choose from three class types: Intensive, General, and Weekend. Live classes can be accessed from anywhere in the world through Google Meet and if you miss a class or wish to view classes again, you may review through available recordings.
Course length
Class hours
Class size
Minimum 4 weeks
3-8 hours / week
3-8 people (max. 10)
11 Levels: beginner to advanced
* Live class hours can be adjusted if there are two or less students in a class.
* Enrollment is open every Monday, and it is highly recommended that complete beginners start with the first class of each month.

Virtual Korean Courses

Virtual Intensive Korean

4 days/week for 8 hours

Virtual General Korean

2 days/week for 4 hours

Virtual Weekend Korean

3 hours on Saturday

What’s included in this course?

Top-Quality Korean Live Lessons

Meet RK’s professional Korean instructors

A real-time orientation at our Seoul Office

Experience a thriling first encounter with our staff at the RK Seoul office

Free 1:1 Level Test

Receive a live level test to check your Korean ability (if registering for more than 6 months)

Throughout this course, you can get...

A chance to experience a virtual study abroad in Korea with RK
A chance to improve Korean skills from beginner to advanced
A chance to interact and study with friends from all over the world

Beginner to Advanced

* Learning speed can be adjusted accordingly.
* If you want to learn Korean from the alphabet, we recommend you begin the course in the first week of every month.
1A & 1B : Is able to introduce oneself and use simple sentences to express requests, willingness, and gratitude.
2A & 2B : Is able to use a mixture of both informal and honorific language and have short daily conversations.
Low Intermediate
3A & 3B : Is able to understand and use expressions that are used in public facilities and in building relationships.
High Intermediate
4A & 4B : Is able to understand simple newspaper articles/news and can enjoy Korean movies with Korean subtitles.
Low Advanced
5A & 5B : Can freely express oneself in debates on current affairs using own thoughts; equivalent to TOPIK Level 5-6.
High Advanced 83%
6A & 6B : Can produce academic writing; has the language proficiency to communicate freely in professional fields.
Master 100%

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