Season box

Season box

Are you ready to see your exclusive gifts from Rolling onthego?
We introduce you to our Second Season Box!

Hello Everyone! Are you enjoying your online study abroad with Rolling onthego?
We are happy to introduce you to our Second season box, which will make your study with us even more exciting and fuller!

Winter is coming soon to Korea! We can’t believe that the year 2020 is coming to an end! It feels like our first summer season was yesterday! But we can’t miss out on the big winter events. Hoping that you will have a wonderful holiday with loving people around you, this season will be full of Christmas and New year items from Korea, which you can all look forward to!
Now, shall we take a look?

Welcome goods

For newcomers only

Welcome, everyone! To all of you who have become a new member of Rolling onthego’s family, in the sense of welcome, we would like to present to you our exclusive gift where you can get it only at Rolling onthego. Now, we will reveal unique gifts, which will be meaningful since you can get them only once!

GIFT1 Rolling onthego Tumbler

Rolling onthego’s ambitious welcome kit item! It’s our very own exclusive tumbler that shows the identity of Rolling onthego, which was why we wanted to introduce to you more quickly!
Protect the environment, while using a portable and stylish tumbler! Don’t miss the opportunity to get the special tumbler available for only at Rolling onthego!

GIFT2 Welcome Card + R Cafe Coffee Coupon

Modern facility perfect for learning Korean
Welcome Everyone!
Welcome card with a welcome message from Rolling onthego!
Also, please keep the coffee coupon of R café, which is famous for it’s cheap and delicious taste, so make sure to use it when you visit Rolling Korea in the future!

When we meet at the R café in the future, try to order by using the phrase “시원한 아아 주세요!”

Season goods

Merry Christmas & Happy new year!
Celebrating Rolling onthego’s first winter with you, we will be sending even more delicious snacks and lovely items that will warm you up for this winter!

GIFT1 Sweet Korean Pancake Mix

호떡(Hotteok) is Korea’s representative winter dessert! You can now enjoy making Hotteok in your very own home with Rolling onthego! Because of its sweet taste, it was even one of Rolling Korea’s popular winter activities.
A bite of the crispy Hotteok with sweet and hot honey will warm you up even in the cold winter! Easily made and loved by international students! Surprise your families and friends with the taste of the Korean Hotteok!

GIFT2 Hotteok Pancake Presser

The second item is the 호떡 누르개(Hotteok Nulegae), a stainless presser to shape your Hotteok in circle-shapes, just like how Korean people eat it! It is very useful not only for Hotteok but also for making popular snacks in Korea. Which is?!
It’s 달고나(DalGoNa)! Tricky yet simple, made with only sugar and baking soda. But you won’t have to worry about failing when you make it because you will have the magical stainless presser! With the presser it will be much easier to make it! Experience the Korean taste by having Hotteok and Dalgona made with your own ‘Nuleugae’!
You might burn cooking tools such as pots and chopsticks when you make Dalgona!
Please be careful!
Do you feel it’s too hard to make Dalgona with sugar, baking soda, and even with your ‘Nuleugae’? Then please look forward to our next item, the REAL Dalgona is waiting for you!

GIFT3 Korean Sugar Candy

Korean sugar candy Dalgona! In Korea, Dalgona went viral for those spending a lot of time at home by making Dalgona coffee! Which made ‘Dalgona’ a worldwide sweet candy dessert for everyone! But since it is not easy to make it, there must’ve been many people who didn’t succeed. Now try our cute Dalgona candy, which is easy to eat and will be able to enjoy more deliciously.
Have fun by breaking the candy into small pieces and putting it into the coffee to make the famous Dalgona coffee! It also has five candies, so it’s perfect to share with friends and family! Since it is one of the most wanting candies from Korea, we wanted to introduce it faster than any other items! Don’t miss it and meet our cute Dalgona candy!

GIFT4 Bungeoppang shaped Griptok

OMG It’s so cute!! Let me introduce you to the cute and practical 붕어빵(Bungeoppang) Grip Tok!
Do you know that even BTS loves Bungeoppang? Bungeoppang is one of the representative winter desserts like hotteok, a fish-shaped bun filled with sweets! Attach the cute little Bungeoppang Grip Tok on your phone.
Spend your winter with Rolling onthego by eating the delicious Hotteok and by decorating your phone with the cute Bungeoppang Grip Tok! Bungeoppang is the first thing that comes to mind during the winter season for Korean people! So we hope you try our Bungeoppang when you have the chance in Korea, but until then, we would like to send our cute fluffy Bungeoppang to you!

GIFT5 Korean Traditional New Year Card

Wishing you all the best and happiness in 2021, Rolling onthego will be sending you a New Year’s card which includes a beautiful traditional Korean design!
We believe that your online Korean study abroad will be even more exciting and fun in 2021! Shall we write New Year’s greetings on the card in Korean and deliver them to someone special?
새해 복 많이 받으세요!(Happy New Year)!

※Card types will be sent randomly.

Bonus goods

Bonus Item! We have prepared a special bonus box for your warm winter! We are already so excited to show you! Let’s check it out!

GIFT1 Kakao Friends Christmas Towel

Kakao Friends
Kakao Friends, a popular Korean item, is coming to warm you up full of Christmas vibes!
Everyone who misses winter in Korea! Or, for those of you who want to feel the winter of Korea, we will send you the Christmas edition Kakao Friends! Exclusive items that are not easily found! Enjoy this Christmas with Kakao Friends!
How was it, everyone? Are you ready to enjoy a warm and enjoyable winter with Rolling onthego this winter? We are already excited to send you these lovely and cute items from Korea to you! Don’t miss out on the Rolling onthego winter season items that are ready to fly out to your home and meet you!
Check it out right now!

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