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Most frequent questions and answers
Yes, of course. We offer Beginner Classes, so even if you do not have any Korean language learning experience, you can still join our school. Our teachers and staff will support you so that you will face no problems here. So do not hesitate to take the challenge!

* If you cannot read and write Hangul, we recommend you to start from the First Week of a month.
The minimum required age to enroll in Rolling Korea is 16. However, students between the ages of 12-15 years old can still register by adding the ‘Underage Student Service’ to their course for a safer study abroad experience. This is not mandatory but recommended to those aged 12-15 years old.

Underage service includes ‘airport send-off service’, ‘regular check-up by staffs’, and ‘accompanying to the hospital service’ with a fee. Please inquire for more information.

* Private lessons are available to anyone regardless of age.
Yes, you can enroll without a visa or just on a tourist visa.
Although we are open to students from all countries regarding course registration, we would firstly like to inform you that because we are a Private language school, we cannot help with the Visa process. Most of the students at Rolling Korea are from countries where they have a visa-waiver agreement with South Korea.

Once we receive your payment, we issue a Letter of Acceptance and a Payment Receipt which you can use to apply for a short term tourist visa, which will require a document fee. We do not provide a Guaranty Letter for any other documents (only the Letter of Acceptance), so please be informed that if the Embassy requests that we provide them with more additional paperwork, it will not be possible.

Thus, we would kindly like to ask you to contact the Embassy first to see if your visa application will be possible.
Of course, it’s possible. Rolling Korea classes can be registered for a minimum of one week for up to one year, and long-term registration is possible at all times.
Every year, specifically in April and September, there is the Long-Term Study Abroad Program that includes various benefits, and if you come at this time, you can receive special offers such as tuition discounts and Asia Tours.
As for a visa, you can obtain a working holiday visa or stay without a visa. Specifically in the case of no-visa (or tourist visa), the visa is renewed when you return home after staying in Korea for a fixed period of time. For example, if you enter Korea without a visa you will be allowed to stay in Korea for 90 days. You can leave the country before the 90 days are over and stay in another country for several days (usually a weekend trip to Japan), and then re-enter Korea. Your visa will be renewed and you will be able to stay for a further 90 days.

* If you do choose to stay without a visa, it is highly recommended to find out the exact details through the Korean embassy in your country.
As for the budget, it is quite hard to say as one’s spending habits differ greatly from person to person.
What we can provide, that might be helpful for you to calculate how much money you may need, is the following information:

​ – cost of a meal: 3,000 KRW (Kimbap from Convenience store) ~ 8,000 KRW (usual restaurants)/ up to 15,000 KRW
– transportation: 1,250 ~ 1,750 KRW one-way
If we are saying that ‘Fluent’ means you can basically talk about general daily topics in Korean, it will take at least six months starting from a beginner level. If you wish to be more fluent in terms of speaking naturally at a higher level, such as debating on social topics, you would need to spend one year or more studying Korean. But this really depends on each individual.
We mainly provide three different language courses; Regular Korean Course, Intensive Korean Course 1, and Intensive Korean Course 2.

You can make your decision on which course is best for you, depending on how many hours are included per week.
If you are interested in the language and culture, we recommend our Regular Korean course (16H).
If you would like to focus on learning more of the language in a short space of time and have more attention from the teacher in a smaller group, our Intensive Korean Course 1 (20H) would be the best fit for you.
We also have Intensive Korean Course 2 (24H) for those who wish to focus more on speaking, every weekday including Wednesday.

* Please note that both of the Intensive Korean Courses include Regular Korean Course hours.

Also, do not miss our Regular K-pop Course if you are a big fan of K-pop and wish to experience Dance class and Vocal class, while studying the Korean language!
We are sorry but we usually provide our social activity schedule on your first day of school. Everything will be ready to give you special experiences and memories through our events!
The K-pop dance class is for everyone who wishes to experience learning popular K-pop dance routines, which covers beginners and advanced levels. This means that you don’t have to choose which level you want to be in, there is only one option.
But most students are considered to be between beginner to intermediate levels, so please do not hesitate to take this class! Our kind and friendly instructors will help you out step by step.

* If you are interested in a professional dance class, we can give you a new option for that. Please feel free to ask us for more details.
80-90% of our students are studying abroad alone. But don’t worry! You will not get lonely here with us! We encourage friendly relationships among students, teachers, and our staff so that not only will you have a great time at our school and meet many new people, but also be able to study Korean in a much more effective way, in a comfortable and friendly environment.
Rolling Korea has students from all around the world who are here to study Korean. 35% of our students are from Japan, 20% from North America, 13% from Germany, 13% from France, and many others (Europe, South America). You will get to enjoy studying Korean in a global environment.

* Percentage of nationality may vary depending on which month you take the course.
The billing period is 1 week from the invoice issue date. At the time of your registration, the billing date will be stated in the invoice, and we expect the payment to be made by that date.
Our Registration process is fairly easy. All you have to do is select the course type, start/end date, accommodation type, and whether you need the airport pick-up and drop-off service, all on our online application form.

Upon receiving your application, we will issue an invoice with all our bank account details.

You can then pay via Wire Transfer, or PayPal. * But for PayPal, there is a 5% commission fee.

LINK: Online Registration You can just click the link above and submit your application.
You only need to submit your application form online. Also, a copy of your passport might be needed in some cases.

RK Homestay

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